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Half of This Week’s 10 Most Popular Listings Are Multimillion-Dollar Homes

Half of This Week’s 10 Most Popular Listings Are Multimillion-Dollar Homes

the 10 most clicked listings

It’s feast, famine, or Harrisburg, PA, in this week’s most popular listings.

Feast: Half of these listings are priced at $ 4.8 million and above. We saw a single holdover from last week’s list: The $ 195 million Palazzo di Amore continues to spin a Tuscan trance over admiring onlookers.

However, a potential rival in Beverly Hills snagged a spot on our list. This $ 72 million home may not have a fancy foreign name, but it offers “incomparable grandeur and palatial elegance” for less than half the price of the palazzo.

This week’s other popular million-dollar listings reside in Illinois and Michigan. And one of them is a little place in New Orleans owned by a certain Hollywood power couple.

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Famine: OK, that’s way too harsh a word for the three modestly priced homes on our list.

A perfectly fine Fort Worth, TX, home built in 2011 is only $ 89 per square foot; a cabin by the lake in Bemidji, MN, comes with a dock; and a pleasant-looking house on the outskirts of Milwaukee make up the budget-friendly portion of the top 10.

Harrisburg, PA: Someone please clue us in. One-fifth of the 10 most popular homes can be found in Harrisburg. We noted a trend last week when three of our most popular homes were in Pennsylvania. This week we confirmed there’s something to unlock in the Keystone State.

Both Harrisburg houses are worth a second look. One has a castle facade (“A property fit for a King!”), and the other is an all-stone Cape Cod built in 1930.

Count down with us to the top spot.

10. 5258 State Road 167, Hubertus, WI

Price: $ 339,900



9. 901 N Alpine Dr, Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $ 72,000,000

901 N Alpine Dr


8. 7002 Bemidji Ave N, Bemidji, MN
Price: $ 339,900



7. 3333 155th Ave, Milan, IL
Price: $ 5,800,000



6. 303 N 30th St, Harrisburg, PA
Price: $ 145,000

Harrisburg N 30th St


5. 1401 Zanna Grace Way, Fort Worth, TX
Price: $ 230,000

Fort Worth


4. 9505 Lania Ln, Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $ 195,000,000

9505 Lania Lane


3. 5820 Shoeman Rd, Williamstown Township, MI
Price: $ 4,800,000

Williamstown Township


2. 4400 Terrace Dr, Harrisburg, PA
Price: $ 299,900



1. 521 Governor Nicholls St, New Orleans, LA
Price: $ 6,500,000

New Orleans Governor Nicholls

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