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OMG! These 15 Houses Will Make You Say ‘OMG’ IRL (LOL!)

OMG! These 15 Houses Will Make You Say ‘OMG’ IRL (LOL!)


BTW, every time I hear someone say “LOL” instead of actually expending the effort to laugh, I die a little inside. The creep of textspeak into spoken language just makes me SMDH.

But I do have one small confession to make: I do rely on “OMG.” A lot. Usually with a drawn-out gee sound to emphasize the OMG-y-ness of it all. It turns out, I’m not the only one. Real estate agents are turning to “OMG” in the written descriptions for their listings. We’ve seen it pop up as both an exclamation and a descriptor for a number of homes currently for sale.

FWIW, we’ve collected 15 examples of agents relying on “OMG” to convey their excitement for a property. Whether that excitement and the attendant exclamation points are warranted, we’ll leave entirely up to you. Scroll down for results that are, AFAIK, SFW.

500 S Ocean Blvd Apt 2004, Boca Raton, FL
OMG-worthy feature: The views. “OMG what views! You can see forever from your huge southeast facing terrace!”

Boca Raton


3910 Stuart St, Denver, CO
OMG-worthy feature: The looks. “OMG! Simply beautiful!”



2763 County Road 14, Altoona, AL
OMG-worthy feature: The openness. “OMG!!!! If you want an open floor plan this is the one!”



111 Hunters Run, Swedesboro, NJ
OMG-worthy feature: The master bedroom. “There are four comfortable bedrooms on the second floor with an OMG master bedroom suite.”



132 Third St, McDonald Wsh, PA
OMG-worthy feature: The kitchen. “OMG, if all kitchens were this spacious we’d have gourmets in every house!”

McDonald Wsh


8A Road 6015, Farmington, NM
OMG-worthy feature: Everything. “OMG! is what you will say when you see this fantastic private ranch!”



1231 Church Rd, Saugerties, NY
OMG-worthy feature: The warmth. “OMG! New boiler and water heater!”



7404 23rd Ave, Kenosha, WI
OMG-worthy feature: The interior. “OMG—Gorgeous throughout.”



625 E 91st St, Kansas City, MO
OMG-worthy feature: The aspiration. “OMG! You can now say your home is your Castle.”

Kansas City


7508 Quigg St, Clifton, VA
OMG-worthy feature: The heart. “OMG—Be ready to fall completely in love!”



6 Eagle Nest Ct NE, Albuquerque, NM
OMG-worthy feature: The charm. “OMG! You will not find a more charming and inspiring Santa Fe style adobe in all of Sandia Heights!”



41609 N Bent Creek Ct, Phoenix, AZ
OMG-worthy feature: The price cut. “OMG $ 80,050 price reduction!”



157 Hillside Ter, Kingston, NY
OMG-worthy feature: The dining room. “OMG! You’ll enjoy this oversized 21.6′ X 13.10′ dining room!”



9049 Shearwater Rd, Blaine, WA
OMG-worthy feature: The sunset. “Panoramic westerly views of bay, islands, mountains and OMG! sunsets”



4442 N Nagle Ave Harwood Heights, IL
OMG-worthy feature: The kitchen. “OMG! Look at that kitchen.”

Harwood Heights

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