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Take a Turn Through the Spiral House in Old Greenwich, CT

Take a Turn Through the Spiral House in Old Greenwich, CT

Spiral House Seaside View

Some of the most sought-after real estate on Connecticut’s Gold Coast is in Old Greenwich, an affluent area of Greenwich. Most of the homes dotting the landscape of Old Greenwich are of the Colonial, Victorian, and Cape Cod variety.

However, on this shore-side lot, you’ll find a house with a literal modern twist on traditional real estate.

Known as the Spiral House, the twisting two-story home was built in 2008 and designed by noted Greenwich architect Joeb Moore. This architectural feat at the foot of Long Island Sound is on the market for $ 5,995,000.

“It’s the perfect house for being on the water. It’s mesmerizing,” listing agent Joseph Barbieri says.

The hypnotic effect is intentional. According to his website, Moore built the house to “engage, enhance and reflect the surrounding coastal climate and its atmospherics of light, air and water.”

The 4,113-square-foot home’s exterior is surrounded by panels made of cedarwood, selected for its hardiness against harsh New England weather. The panels wrap the house like an armor curtain, protecting the walls, many of which are made entirely of glass.

Cedarwood panels on the exterior of the Spiral House

Spiral House Cedar Wood Panels

Cedarwood panels on the exterior of the Spiral House

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Built on a concrete slab, the house rises in a spiral pattern. The master bedroom forms the end of the spiral and is supported by a series of hairpin pillars.

According to “Houses for All Regions,” by the American Institute of Architects, the spiral shape acts as a watering mechanism and delivers rainwater to the garden at its base. The water filters into the garden until the ground becomes saturated. The excess water then seeps out to the shore, a functional representation of the cycle of nature.

A sideview of the Spiral House

Spiral House Side View

A sideview of the Spiral House

Inside, the living room is exposed thanks to a see-through fireplace positioned below a half-wall. Beyond the glass walls, you can hear the sound of waves lapping the shore.

The see-through fireplace in the Spiral House

Spiral House Living Room

The see-through fireplace in the Spiral House

The four-bedroom house sits on about a third of an acre, land that justifies the price tag. “People would pay this amount of money to knock a house down [here],” says Barbieri.

Not that you’d want to. This house has won at least seven awards, including the 2013 American Architecture Award and the 2010 AIA National Housing Honor Award. Plus, it might be a good deal.

“The location is fantastic, and the views are as good as homes many times the price on the waterfront,” says Barbieri. “It’s unusual to have an unusually well-built house on a building site close to $ 6 million.”

The water views from the Spiral House

Spiral House Views

The water views from the Spiral House

As with most modern homes, this home appeals to a certain type of buyer. Barbieri says buyers tend to desire more traditional homes in the area, and some ultramodern homes “aren’t as highly received.”

Barbieri says he’s been showing the house twice a week but is still waiting for the right kind of modern-home-loving buyer.

“The people who live in moderns love them,” Barbieri says.

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