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The Reading Room: Roller-Coaster Apartments and ‘Nail Houses’

The Reading Room: Roller-Coaster Apartments and ‘Nail Houses’

shin design turn to future

Turn to the Future, an apartment building complex by Shin Kuo. Credit: ShinDesign

Taiwanese designer Shin Kuo says his concept for an apartment building in which each unit spirals down to the bottom kind of works like a roller coaster. But not really, we hope. [Architectural Digest]

Check out the most popular TV show set in each state—you might be surprised. [Mic]

China has its own versions of Seattle’s “Up” house, where homeowners have refused to move amid new development. The Chinese call them “nail houses.” [The Atlantic]

We’ve seen standalone shipping containers transformed into homes, but a Vancouver nonprofit has built a stylish modern housing project for women from the giant metal boxes. [SustainableCitiesCollective]

Speaking of giant metal boxes, residents in the western U.S. might also want to make use of them for housing—a recent report found that 1.1 million properties in the region are highly vulnerable to wildfire. [NBC News]

An ambitious community effort has yielded a detailed interactive map of Detroit’s blight. [Boing Boing]

It probably goes without saying that the bloodthirsty characters in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” would not be a real estate agent’s favorite clients, but this analysis is hilarious anyway. [Partner Xchange]

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