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We Go 12 Rounds With the Real Estate of Mayweather and Pacquiao

We Go 12 Rounds With the Real Estate of Mayweather and Pacquiao


The long-awaited Floyd Mayweather–Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas needs no help in the hype department. We know Mayweather has a longer reach in the true tale of the tape, but how do the two foes measure up in the arena of real estate?

For that answer, consider us your personal real estate cutman. We’ll provide the smelling salts to keep you focused through 12 rounds of body blows and uppercuts in this riveting housing duel. If you have feedback for the judges’ scorecards, leave it in the comments below.

Round 1:

Take a video tour of Pacquiao‘s home in General Santos City in the Philippines. It helps if you’re fluent in Tagalog, but even if you don’t understand a word, we recommend checking in at around the 3:20 mark to witness a bonkers shoe closet that must have taken its inspiration from Imelda Marcos.

Round 2:

Mayweather‘s 22,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion comes with its own Instagram account. Affectionately known as the Big Boy Mansion, it sports a Fendi chandelier.


A photo posted by Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion (@bigboymansion) on


Round 3:

Pacquiao is spending some of his hard-earned dough to build a new house … of worship. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the born-again Christian is putting up $ 6.7 million to build a church by the end of 2015. The fighter told the Inquirer, “Aside from my legacy in boxing and politics, I want to leave something more important and special—a legacy of faith and a House of God.”

Round 4:

Watch ESPN’s controversial Stephen A. Smith take a tour of Mayweather’s Las Vegas digs. Pay close attention to the number of Bugattis and Ferraris in the garage. Estimated worth of the horsepower within? Oh, around $ 15 million.

Round 5:

Pacquiao purchased a home in one of Manila’s toniest neighborhoods in 2011 for around $ 8 million. Late last year, reports out of the Philippines’ capital city said the boxer was going to sell the mansion after a raft of neighbor complaints about “constituents who come to his house asking for small donations and financial assistance.”

The upscale enclave known as Forbes Park didn’t appreciate visitors in “shabby clothing” making a pilgrimage to Pacquiao’s palace. We weren’t able to find any confirmation that the house sold, so if you have $ 9 million to spare, you could live in the champ’s house. Just make sure any visitors are appropriately attired.

Round 6:

Mayweather’s Miami Beach condo hit the market for $ 2.6 million in July 2014. Since then, the price has been slashed to $ 1.99 million, but the 3,000-square-foot condo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t knocked out a buyer.

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