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Why Is Elizabeth Banks Our Spokeswoman? ‘I’m Sort of House-Obsessed’

Why Is Elizabeth Banks Our Spokeswoman? ‘I’m Sort of House-Obsessed’


Hey, have you heard of this woman named Elizabeth Banks? She’s that, oh, I don’t know, up-and-coming starlet who just happened to produce and direct the No. 1 film at the box office last weekend, and who will return later this year in a little series called “The Hunger Games.”

And now she’s our spokeswoman, ready to sing our praises. And she does not dis-aca-point.

So, how did we land a superstar such as Banks? Aside from our undeniable charm, wit, and good looks, it came down to a very personal matter for the actress, director, producer, and comedian: her own current home search.

“I’m sort of house-obsessed,” says Banks, who’s in the process of searching for a new home with her husband, the writer and producer Max Handelman. “I love getting … inspired by other people’s homes,” she says. “I think that’s what’s so interesting about looking for a home in general is you’re really imagining a whole life.”

So she chose realtor.com® to help her navigate the “joy and anxiety” that come with the home-buying process.

“It’s, for nearly everyone, the biggest purchase of their entire life,” she says. “I think the website’s got great accessibility about it. … We’re always sort of on the go, and I love that the app allows you to literally take the home-buying experience everywhere you are.

“My husband and I email each other houses to look at … and you can bring it right up and I think that’s what’s so great,” she notes.

The ad campaign featuring Banks will include TV commercials that debut today (make sure to watch for one during the final episode of the “Late Show with David Letterman”), as well as longer Web videos that you’ll see roll out over the coming months.

When we think of celebrity homes, we think of over-the-top grandeur and opulence. But what do actual celebrities think of when they ponder the concept of home?

“Home is everything to everyone,” Banks says. “It’s where you feel the most secure, it’s where you lay your head at night, and I have wonderful memories of every place I’ve ever lived.”

Banks fondly remembers growing up in a duplex in her hometown of Pittsfield, MA, where her dad would hose down their backyard in winter to create an ice rink for skating. Fast-forward a few years, and Banks and Handelman bought their first house. She remembers the anxiety her husband felt, the “500 pieces of paper” to sign, and thinking, “Let’s see what happens.”

Please, Mr. Postman

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Home buying is an emotional process, and that’s why Banks and director Fred Savage wanted to inject as much humor as possible into the TV and Web spots.

“The things I remember most are the things that make me laugh,” Savage says. “I think (these spots) poke fun at the fact it can be a stressful process and that it can be a process that involves a lot of emotional wrestling.

“While it’s exciting and certainly thrilling, there’s a lot of distressing parts and maybe tedious parts to buying a home,” he adds. “And I think if we can address all the aspects of buying a home with humor, I think people can kind of laugh at their own experiences … but also not be so afraid of what lies ahead.”

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