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Discovering the amenities that will spoil you forever

Discovering the amenities that will spoil you forever

Having a window over the kitchen sink might just become a necessity for you. Having a view of the Saddleback Mountains: Priceless.REGISTER FILE PHOTO

This is critical to understanding the way the home buying process works.

Oh, you can start out with the ages 3+ (suitable for any home shopper age 3 or above) requirements of light and bright, granite counters, and open floor plan. But the places you will move on to from there may surprise you.

They always surprise me!

Did you know the closet under the stairs that has a light and goes all the way back to the beginning of the stairs, essentially the American version of the Harry Potter closet, would melt your heart and endear the home to you forever? And be the deciding factor in choosing to make an offer?

Did you know that you’ve always wanted a dumbwaiter?

And finding things in the seller’s garage to send up three floors to the kitchen in the dumbwaiter, just to see it work, would put a smile on your face bigger than the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile? Get your pen out and write up that offer!

Did you know you can no longer live without a cedar-lined closet after you walked into one? Whether it is a romantic notion retained from a memory of a favorite grand parent or great-grandparent’s house, or a practical consideration for your furs, wool suits, and cigars, the cedar closet just made it on to the must-have list. And since cedar closets are very rare here in the O.C., you might choose to put that offer in tonight.

Did you know that a three-story house won’t work for you before you actually walked into one and realized immediately that your aging dog will NEVER be able to manage the stairs? Scratch those homes off your list immediately! Or, get creative and figure out a safe and sensible way to get Rover from the bottom to the top. A wagon on a rope? A basket suspended from a pulley?

Did you know before you saw it that you cannot buy a house on a street with a steep grade, because your elementary school children won’t be able to safely manage the hill on their bicycles? Check Google’s Street View photos from now on and eliminate the houses on the hills.

Did you know before you walked into it, a steam shower would be the oasis that would relieve your ragged edges at the end of your work day? No normal shower will do, and you’ll forever be asking if a steam shower upgrade is possible.

Did you know before you saw the view of the Saddleback Mountains from the kitchen window that a view would lift your spirits and spin your mood to elated, hopeful, and happy? And that the option of no window above the kitchen sink is now unacceptable. And a window above the kitchen sink looking at your neighbor’s kitchen window is equally unacceptable?

Get out there and find out what you you want!

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is an Orange County real estate agent. She can be reached at 949-678-3373 or leslie@leslieeskildsen.com. Her website is leslieeskildsen.com.

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