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Rise Up Home Solutions Rent-To-Own Program

At Rise Up Home Solutions, we understand that with changing times come new challenges. That’s why we are working hard to bring you new solutions that fit EVERY situation. Our list of pre-qualified home seekers is available to you, ready to match you up with a buyer and a plan to meet the needs of everyone, perfectly! If you are a home seeker looking for non-traditional financing options click the button below and get started on the road to home ownership!!

YES, you can stop renting today and lease-option a home of your DREAMS, utilizing the lease-option system. Lease-option is a true win/win strategy in the field of real estate.

WHAT IS A LEASE-OPTION? Simply defined, a lease-option is a lease agreement, combined with a purchase contract. Through a lease-option agreement, a buyer leases a property (usually for 1-3 years) and then has the right (or option) to purchase the property on or before the end of that agreement. During the lease period, the seller can apply a percentage of the monthly payments received from the buyer, along with the down payment or “option money” towards the purchase price. This arrangement gives a buyer time to save enough cash, or to clean up their credit to take title to the property on or before the end of the lease-option period by qualifying for a new loan, assuming an existing loan or by working out some type of owner financing.


Rise Up Home Solutions can help find you a home that won’t break the bank account. Contact us by filling out the form below and let our team of professionals match you up with the perfect rent-to-own home.

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